Yicheng Luo L5 or ET Elysian?

I’m trying to decide between these two yoyos. The price doesn’t really matter to me, although that $30 savings would be nice.
Really, it comes down to playability and fingerspins.
I’ve used the Elysian but I’ve never used the L5, and I’m not sure which I want to buy.

shape of the Elysian is very appealing to me. Ive played my friends’ L5, and it wasn’t anything unique to me. I cant fingerspin if Its not on my z-stacked G5, so I dont know what to tell you on that one.

The Elysian is most likely better I’ve heard the bearing and pads are pretty crumby on the L5 where as the Elysian has a pretty nice bearing.

Also for finger spins you should keep your finger quite limp and not strong and straight: helps a lot

I know how to do fingerspins. Sorry if it came off as if I didn’t xD
Mostly just looking to see which one is better for fingerspins.
The THEORY also seems to be a viable option, what with it winning the fingerspin contest by like 3 minutes.

The theory is nice if you just want to do long fingerspins but not really practical for fingerspin tricks

But the L5 has a wooden magnetic-snap box
Cool Box>Everything

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Im almost certain Elysian hops easier than L5 due to its smoothly curved cup.

But the elysian comes in a short metal pringles tube

I ended up picking up the elysian :slight_smile:
I know I like it since I used it before and my god is it amazing for fingerspins.

Does it come with the Pringles?
Pringles>The yoyo

I’ve got my own pringles here. I’ll just fill the can with them when I get the elysian, don’t worry.

Ok good, don’t want that yoyo wasting any space for the Pringles.

Yeah. I’m just gonna toss the yoyo, the pringles case is more important.
Hopefully itll last longer than the pringles case I got from that wrath thing…

As long as you look cool storing your Pringles, I don’t see a problem