yeti second run

hey did anybody hear baout the 2nd run, im not sure if it is an official thing, does anyone have more info

If you follow CLYW’s page they get asked about this roughly 1 million times a day, or at least close to it ;D

Official word is they are being assembled right now and when they are released everyone will know, I think Steve said there is no way people will not know it will be released :slight_smile:

They said by the end of the month. So probably next week. or the first half of next month if they are late.

They said MAYBE by the end of the month, but they didn’t confirm anything.

Your right. I thought they said for sure febuary. But i just looked for it and couldnt find it. Probably made it up in my head. They did say soon tho.

thanks guys for your info, i will be waiting !!!