Yeti colors?


I know, obviously the only color being released is black with the blue sticker on the nips. But in some recent clyw videos, players have white rings… I’m guessing Chuck just put white tape on it or something? Thoughts?


I thought is was a reflection


I don’t believe so. You can see the “unidentified material” from the overhead view on some cabin tuts. I’m still assuming it’s tape and Chuck put it on so that you can see the black yoyo against the black background…


I think it should come in the color of Dirtbag Yeti…more white. It just would make sense.


My guess is that it’s just a sticker.

Who knows, I could be wrong.


Chris said he’s going to look into other plastics for colors but considering how good it’s suppose to play I doubt it will get changed much.


I love the look of the white rims. That’s definitely how they should come. And if they don’t I’m going to do it to my own.


we all know they’ll be just black but for stickers you never know but I doubt there’ll be white rings due to the rim art. I bet there’ll be various sticker colors though.


August 9 couldn’t feel so far away…

(WildCat23) #10

All you need is a similar destiny plastic with similar strength. You can always weight plastics.


I’m surprised (but pleasantly surprised) that Chris changed it from a in-store release to YYE. Shipping from Canada is much more expensive to US.


He said in the vid that he painted the rims so the yoyo would show up.