Xpoint Problem




Is it throw vibe or actual vibe? Check by lightly placing your finger on it. If it smooths out, it’s your technique.

If it wobbles still (not because of technique), try flipping and changing the bearing and axel and so on. I’m not sure about the axel system and such on it so not sure what is applicable. Do not actually alter the yoyo in any way! (Loctite and so on)

At this point you may want to contact the place you bought it from if it is still really bad and it truly bothers you.


I tried everything I know. First thing I did was to make sure it wasn’t my technique, next I swapped axles and bearings trying different ones with no results. The axle system looks like the ones on clyw plastics such as the big dipper. I also contacted yoyobestbuy 3 days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet.


Dang… well hopefully they get back to you soon!

One more tip of advice. If you buy from here, you get a lot more than the yoyo, you also get awesome customer service :wink:


I know but yoyobestbuy had it first and wasn’t sure if yye was going to get these.


We delayed our X.Point release because our first batch had some bad vibe. YOYOFFICER tested them and sent them back to us, they seem better, but we still put a disclaimer on our page about the chance of vibe.

The store you purchased it from should swap it out for you. 3 days is a very long time for an email response, I would send another email or comment on social media to get their attention.