Anybody got a Xbox live account if so message me ur gamer tag

True Flaire, I only play MW2

Oh I play a lot of bo2

I don tlike any of the new ones, with MW3 and BO I gave them to my cousin, and BO2 look sterrible to me, so I stick with MW2 and the trusty intervention

Only play halo4, halo 3

We should get like 4-10 people and make a party of just throwers

I kno right!!

Do we have another girl?

what do u mean?

I was asking if you were a girl?

Yeah I think so

Well, welcome! I am also a girl, just look @ my profile

And this is off topic, but are you in chicago?

Ahh thank you for being the only girl I found that yoyo’s

About an hour away, why?

I’m NerdyByNature14

O ok all add u tonight

We should also create a steam group for yoyoers.

I agree^^^^

i sent u a friend request I’m camster5995