X52 And Guy wright (Training for MA states)

few will get the tyler severance referance
even fewer will get the guy wright reference
even fewer will watch the full video

I am hoping to get into the top 25
(FYI, A fakie is what I call a fake suicide, see the first slow-mo for reference)

And finally all you nice people get to see my face!

erm it wont let me see it.

whats it say?

Yeah, I don’t get the Tyler Severance or Guy Wright reference at all. You’re just doing advanced tricks, and/or combos of advanced elements. It was good though. Break a leg at MA States.

please… different backgrounds…please

guy wright’s letter blue uses the second song, X52’s t-severance 1a vid uses the first one, im trying to break down jensen kimmitt moves, its hard because hes so fast…

oh now it lets me see it nice tricks i get the referance.

Nice! Btw, don’t worry about mass states. It’s a ways away. But, For your skill level you should compete in sports division where you compete with like 9 to 14 year old peeps.

no man, its like, a personal thing, with me it’s either go big or go home, if I dont get to attract the attention of a company , I’ll improve next year, its like…something I feel obliged to have to do.

yoyoing for me is like a long maze with many obstacles in the way, and if I make it through, Sponsorship awaits at the end of the tunnel.

Awesome! Nice yoyoing, how long have you been yoyoing? Also great music choice!!!

less then 2 months my friend

I see what you mean. But, There are people like aron bendet and isaac sams who have been competeing for like 3 years place really high and don’t get sponsered. From my understanding to try to get sponsered would to like you said place high at a contest and let everybody know that you use their product.

I wouldn’t go to MA states looking to get sponsered. Your a good yoyoer, but you’ve only been doing it for two months and need a lot of work.

A fakie is:

  1. Riding a skateboard backwards
  2. (Mainly in FPS videogaming)- turning a 360 one way and 360 back the other way.

You’ve been yoyoing for less than two months??? I would be doing like trapeze and failing it the whole video if I was in it. Wow, you’re just really good for less than two months.

but then again, a suicide is killing yourself…
a laceration is a wound…
and the white Buddha is a peice of art…

I could go on…

Keep up the good work, practice a lot and to smooth you out a bit why not try using a responsive yo-yo, I think the main problem you seem to be having is the yo-yo goes a touch crazy and then it forces you to either abandon the trick or hop around trying to regain control, I think if you tried playing around with some tug responsive throws that your control over the yo-yo would grow a LOT which translates to longer more complex tricks being able to be completed, less tilt which inevitably leads to longer spin times. The things you CAN do with the little amount of time you have been playing is astonishing, keep it up, stay positive, and keep practicing :smiley:

P.S. If you don’t have a spare bearing or a responsive yo-yo you could do what I do every time I get a snag or slipknot… Snags I just start looping until either I mess up and hit myself in the face (lol), or I get bored. Slipknots however, USUALLY, will turn an unresponsive yo-yo into a tug responsive one. Just a little food for thought.

8:50!!! thats a long time to watch any video, even tyler severance, but it was hard to watch that for even a quarter of the time… tip: shorter vids= better vids.

I got a little carried away while filming…its soooo addictive