Mass States Was a Blast!

That contest was AWESOME!!! I got a Legacy and 2 Sunset Trajectory NXG’s! I missed the 1A and Yo-Yo Pinata, but it was cool!

I had TONS of fun. the pinata fell on accident early and 1a was awesome (except for me!! I got 31st because I frose up and missed/forgot all my tricks!!!)

I thought it was really fun too.
I got 2nd in Intermediate 11-16. Won a Velocity and a Sunset (sadly i have both) Going to try to haggle with Andre. I was so nervous though, legit shaking
Definitely was a blast though!

Heh, I didn’t go. Unfortunately, Ima go next year though. Ima get 1st at 1a 2a 4a and 5a next year xD Just watch

Go for it! But you gotta watch out for Jeff Coons and Eric Koloski!

does anybody know haw long it takes for the videos to wind up on youtube?

dont they put on individual videos of peoples freestyles? I want to see how bad I did hahaha

I dont remember who you exactly are, but I remember them calling up your name! (I’m talking to Jack). The pinata was soo funny when it fell! I think I did horible, but I dont really care because I got a new Remnant by String Theries. :slight_smile: It was fun getting to meet all the pros, and some people like Eric Koloski, Andrew Bergen, and a few others did awesome

Yeah it was great. I got a GM and 100 strings.

Yes. They’re uploading them periodically at

I assume they’re eventually planning to get everything up, it’s just a long process.