X³ Xela vs Caribou Chris

… or Glacier Express vs Aware!

Xela from X³ contacted me to do a trade with an Aware for a Glacier Express.  I’ve had my eye on his new throw for a while now, so I couldn’t say no!  I really dig the Aware, it was quite refreshing to see such a unique design.  The reverse cup really creates a unique look and play experience.  Not to mention the anodizing.  HOT!  I also had my eye on this colourway, so I was doubley pumped when I opened the packaging tube.

We switched gear … so why not do a one throw battle?


Thanks Xela for the opportunity!  This was super fun … we’ve gotta do this more often! I really dig your new throw!  You did an amazing job!  Thank you so much!

I think we both win, eh?

My two fave companies he working together. Can’t beat that. Now let’s get a collab with the speed of the LaGoutte and the stability of the Chief. Then we’re cooking with gas.

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Win Win!

The two companies should collab! Chief and LaGoutte!!