WYYC 2019 - The Wrong Date?

I was planning on going to this year’s WYYC in Cleveland, but realized finals day coincided with a major holiday in my religion. This wouldn’t be much of an issue for a smaller contest because my faith does not have a large population in the US, but this is the World YoYo Contest, and members of my religion make up a significant portion of people around the world (~20%) and many people that come to compete come from regions around the world where it is the majority religion. It would be like placing the WYYC on Christmas or Easter. I was wondering how we can make sure that in the future, major contests don’t fall on dates that coincide with holidays for different people around the world.


When planning the event we do our very best to stay off any globally important dates, be aware of school schedules, and hold the event at a time that is optimal for everyone. Unfortunately there is no way to always be 100% clear of everything for everyone, and I apologize that these dates don’t work for you and other members of your faith.


No need to apologize! ( but apology accepted, of course)

As long as these factors are taken into consideration from a global perspective, then you should be good!


This is something that would rock tbh.

All for having a contest on those dates.

Yes, but most people spend that time with family.