WTTF Northstar, Starlight, Highlights, Bearings, Pads... 12/8 Will Trade WELL!

Mainly what I am looking for:

Yoyonation Highlights (preferably yellow)
Size C SPEC Bearings
Large 888 size CBC pads

Yoyos need to have a good condition bearing, preferably the stock one. No more vibe than it had brand new. If you see what I have below and are interested but Dont have what I want, go ahead and offer anything else, Im a pretty open guy.
I can only trade right now so I probably wont be able to buy. CONUS only and if you have the lower amount of trade counts between the two of us , I do expect you to ship first.

Heres a brief list of what I have to offer:

Raw, loved, 401k Vibes, SPEC, Unresponsive, one pad, Fun oldschool feel to it.

Silver, dinged, 2010 G5 Has some vibe (some from bearing), has a centertrac, could use some new pads, Comes with zstacks (it plays the Smoothest with Zstacks).

Pair of Half white/ half blue, Loop 720’s Recently re SOS’d, Doesnt have the greatest bearings but They are perfect for looping.

Pair of red NXGs Stock, Couple of marks on the rims, nothing affects play. great loopers.

White w/ orange rims Hyabusa No caps Ghetto axle job 9can easily be replaced with a quick trip to the hardware store) has the bearing that used to be in the 401k that has been super cleaneed. The bearing plays much better now (there must of been something really wedged in there, plays real nice now)

If you really want pics, just tell me ( I would have put them up, but my friend has my camera and Im not sure how to download them from my mom’s but I can figure out how if needed be)

Thanks For Looking!



If you can define “vibe from bearing” then I’ll trade you a near mint VK for the 401k


vibe from bearing, as in, I put a new bearing in it and it hs less vibe. notice, I said that most of the vibe was from the bearing.

I super cleaned the old bearing in the 401k got what ever gunk was jamming it up and got the Hyabusa back in playing condition =) It really is a nice 4a…

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