WTT - Manatee : Green half traded for Blue Half

I have Green Manatee. Mint and glass smooth.
I want to trade half of it with a trustable someone who has a Mint and Vibe-less BLUE Manatee to make a stellar Half and Half Duo Tone. Ideally I would like to trade my Text side in favor for a Manatee Icon side. I dont mind my yoyos to have engraving (art), but i dont like words on them.

SOOooo if you send your Blue Manatee Icon Half, I will pay your shipping (USPS Priority). I may have other goodies to offer to sweeten the pot if you need extra incentive to let go of that Icon half.

If you want to send the Text half, (not preferred but none the less acceptable) you will pay your own USPS Priority shipping. PM for details,

Cont. USA only please.

I know there is at least one that wants to level up their color combos…

Traded and Done! Thanks!!