I wanna get a manatee,but…my usual problem kicks in…and i cant decide beetween that new green or that new blue…Oh man…


Get both? :grin:

Both are nice. You can’t go wrong with either.


I recently received ocean blue Manatee and I love it. The colour is so bright and perfect that I wouldn’t go with any other than blue!


I ordered the peace bone. Hope it has the little engraving on it :slight_smile:


Flip a coin? Close your eyes and pick one at random? Eeny-meeny-miny-mo (however you spell it)? Buy both?

I know you bought one already, but for future reference…




Buy both, swap halves, and sell the extra. :wink:


Get both and send me the halves you don’t want :wink: problem solved!


I actually prefer the blue and green from the 1st run. Not a big fan of the 2nd run blue and green.