WTS/ WTT: Nintendo DS, Black OG Project and Sandblasted BvM

Perfect condition.
No wear & tear and works perfectly.
Comes with charger & stylus but no original box.

Project- As you can see has some scuffs, scratches but plays great.



BvM- Similar to a beadblasted yoyo. Still plays smooth and comes KK’d.


Leviathan 2

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I have a scratched up blue kickside. $10+shipping?

will trade kickside in good condition with extra string

No thanks.

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I have an X-con i’ll put up

All I have to trade is a Peterfish which is like a FH2 but Im sure you dont want that…

Directed at whom?

I have 2 x cons. One is blue with one cap missing and the other is green and white but the white inner part is painted red. Both beat up. Would you trade them for the og progect?

Whomever was talkin about trading…

The Project is pending.

i have mint blue authentic wooden yoyo,a yomega hotshot,power brain,power spin,and a mint counter attack.you interested? i’d like anything you like. the project for a packaged deal.i’ll even throw in a yomega mania dvd,20 poly strings (bright green),and some lube.

Ill give the BvM + Project + $40 for a GOLD STARGAZER (or any other YoyoRecreation for that matter)

This BvM is dying to be sent to Vendetta!