FS/FT Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP and Yoyos

Blue Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP.
Comes with: Action Replay
Pokemon Ruby
Namco Museum
Dragonball Z Takamagachi or whatever it is
Car charger
Gameboy link thingy
Wireless link thingy (I think that’s what it is)
Headphone adapter thingy
Maybe a little bit else, I’d have to go look. Let me know if you want to know everything I have for this.

Gold BBYY Wedgie - a couple little scratches, not through the outer coating (beadblast I think), nothing affects the play

Green Yomega Blazer - good condition, some scratches around the response area, nothing affecting play, siliconed

Silver Maverick - stock, might have a few marks, but nothing major, still smooth

Green Power Brain, and Blue Power Brain XP

Translucent Green/Yellow Bandai Yomega Stealth Fire - basically just a generic very narrow butterfly-shaped transaxle, probably deal sweatener

Red Imperial, 'nuff said, deal sweatener probably

Zeekio Bird, mint, blue

Pics upon request.

Looking for money or yoyos, preferably plastics, but feel free to offer whatever.

BTW, it is Game Boy Advance. it really doesn’t matter though, haha.

im interested in the pokemon ruby, $30?

Hitman is pending