WTS/WTT: Eetsit, No. 9, MMN and Crucial Bandana!


Eetsit: Siliconed and highwalled. Has been played lots and it shows. The blast is pretty worn down and has scratches and such all over. $80 shipped
No.9: New in package. Smooth and stable. $50 shipped.
MMN: Has a few scratches/ scuffs but plays super smooth. $80 shipped.
Crucial Bandana: New, not worn. $35 shipped.

TE Sasquatch
28 Stories Sasquatch
Pink Speckle Sasquatch

Juggernaut, Gorylla and Bassalope are gone![/b]


More stuff. Trades welcome.


All four for $200 shipped!


Lowered prices and will consider trades. NO plastics!


wat about a mint genesis with some scratches for the spyy stryker


A Mint Genesis w/ some scratches??? ???


I MEAN its got some dings but is in very good chttp://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=GENESIS+YOYO+REVIEW+FROM+YOYOMAGICMAN&aq=fondition if u want to see it go to


I’ll pass. Thanks though. Only YYF I want is the C22


Let’s get it!


why are the prices so low?


priced to sell my friend



Skywalker (Nickle plated only)
CLYW (NO Campfire or Bassalope)


Trades welcome


Will sell all three for $150 shipped.


Mini Star gone

WANT Fade One Drops and New CLYW


Thanksgiving bump


Looking for something new to try!


no plastics right?


More than likely, no, but, I’ll listen to what you have.


okay i will PM u