WTS/FT: Fight sticks, Blue Albino Levithan, Prototype E=MC^2, & Domo Plushes. xD

Hello everyone my friends and I are selling and trading a few things in our collections. If you have any question just PM me or leave a message on the bottom. If you have an offer do not be afraid to ask. More stuff will be added soon like arcade sticks for PS3 and 360. XD

Wants: All of the yoyos I want must be close to mint as possible meaning no dents or scratches. ;D

CLYW - Gnarwhal
CLYW - Sasquatch
CLYW - Chief - Buffalo Bill or Buffalo Bob
HSPIN - Phoenix
TurningPoint - Maxbet - Orange or Gold
YYF - SuperStar - Ann Connolly
YYF - SuperStar - John Ando - Blue and Gold Splash
YYF - Yuuksta - Ann Connolly
Yoyo Monster - Quickmate
Werrd - Pacquiao

Usually a B15SDM Joystick are £450 + £40 shipping = £490 (US $772.60)
This B15SDM Ragna joystick for $500 + shipping or $450 + shipping without Spark
This is extremely good condition close to mint. xD

More pics on the following links:

  • Sanwa JLF
  • Sanwa 24mm snap-ins along the back of the stick.
  • Clear Seimitsu buttons
  • MC Cthulu, 360 and Imp board with RJ45 jack for multi console support (PS3, 360 & PS2)
  • Back and bottom was repainted purple to match the Ragna dark aura from B15SDM as a last minute change

Hori T6 = $100 + Shipping
This is a PS3 fight stick modded with octagon gate with Seimitsu buttons

Prototype E=MC^2 = Offer + shipping
I am helping my friend seeing how much he can get for this yoyo. This is a raw prototype E=MC^2 that plays and feels completely different from the production model with an unique feel like Stardust V1. This require major tweak for feeling vibe free so beware. The yoyo is raw so there are some scratches on the surface but it is polish and looks new in person. This is a damage free yoyo with a curve bearing and yoyojoker pads.

[Jap] Albino Levithan = $180 + Shipping
This is a japanese blue Albino Levithan that comes with a brown pouch, curve bearing, extra set of silver hubs and axle. This is a near mint yoyo with a little unnoticeable mark on the side.

BTNC Supernova = $100 + Shipping
This is a near mint yoyo but the splash paints seems to be coming off from the edge.

Poo = $80 + Shipping
This is near mint Smurf Poo with box and tattoo. Just throw a few times out of the box for testing. No vibes or any problem.

2.0 = $40 + Shipping
Another near mint yoyo. Plays just like a Yuuksta and extremely short printed. No issues at all.

Rainbow= $25 + Shipping
Near Mint yoyo. Good price for a metal throw that comes with 2x size a bearings and stacks. http://s925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/buymorestuff777/Rainbow/

Dancing Pearl = $30 + Shipping
Near Mint condition - Just a few throw and plays like a champ. Perfect in every way.

X-ConVict = $30 + Shipping
This is the marble edition from YoyoJam but it have tons of chip paints but no dents. Smooth yoyo with no vibes or any issues. http://s925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/buymorestuff777/X%20ConVict/

North Star = $30 + Shipping
Brand new still in box.

Curve Bearings = $10 each + shipping
All the curve bearing will go through the ultrasonic cleaner before shipping. So it will be very clean and very unresponsive. http://s925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/buymorestuff777/Curve%20Bearing/

Domo Plushies = $10 each + Shipping

Galactic Goose = MyNameHere

Added new items!!! XD

New stuff!!!

Shouldn’t you state the “curve” bearings are knockoffs of the KK by Difeyo?