WTB: Vs Newton & SF 36

Looking for VsNYYC, especially in fun colorways. Skywalkers, Battosais, Moonwalkers, Flying Huts, Septopai, G3Ts, SADRs, Ti Walkers…if you’ve got any I’m probably interested.

Also looking for a clear SF 36.


I’ve got a SkyWalker (3 Tiny Edge Dings) and a Battosai (2 Tiny Edge Dings). The SkyWalker has the original string, spare axle, and note from that guy, Heath who ran the brand. Let me know if you’re interested.


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I have a D.Runner. Ti Walker remake by Jordan Blofeld and friends. Slightly lighter than the original. I love it but don’t need 2 of them.

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I have a d bearing skywalker no damage for $90 shipped

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happy friday

@anmo I’ve got a septopus I would sell. Was going to post it publicly and then I found your post. Message me if you’re interested.

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Bump, please

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