FT: VsNYYC SkyWalker Worlds ed.

[s]I have in my possession a VsNYYC Worlds edition(I believe that’s what the blue “works” colorway is called) SkyWalker. It has some light damage on the rims(I believe all 5 small dinks are visible in pics) and has some very small vibe (It’s an “A” grade and is less vibey than the other “A” grade SkyWalker I’ve thrown). I haven’t tried to tune it yet. Comes with the stock 10 ball bearing(Lubed with V4M). O0

*note that all dinks have been filed(like nail file, there was some confusion) and are hardly feelable.
I will entertain all offers on this, even cash ones, but would rather trade. I respond to all offers, worst I can say is “no thanks”.

Also I’ll soon be getting a Markmont Next, that will likely end up on the BST, should be in good condition but not mint. Would offer both for the right trade/cash.

Wants: I like medium to full sized, undersized doesn’t do much for me, but I will consider all offers, and I like rare stuff.[/s]

Been getting some major offers for this. Thanks a bunch guys.