[s]Hey all, I’ve got this Sky Walker here that I don’t use too much, wonder if any of you can offer me something I want for it.
It has light vibe that it was born with (I can get it tuned to where I don’t feel it on the end of the string, but not quite out of the grinds) and 2 dings from one asphalt kiss.
Comes with 10 ball(stock).


You shoulda seen the look on the kids face when he hit the pavement :stuck_out_tongue: worth the ding.(also you cant tell but the ding is barely feelable, it’s been lightly sanded down so no worries about discomfort)

Things I would love to have:
3rd run peak(other peaks will be given consideration)
Pre-Pro Spyy Punchline (red/silver anno)
Gen Yo Essence (if you got a blasted/anno’d one already it would definitely take it, but raw’s fine too)
Gen Yo Torrent (dings are fine, maybe someone is tired of theirs) :smiley:
Other Gen Yo’s will be given consideration (not so much on the mini star, my hands are not mini enough to play well with them).
Anything rare/uncommon, I’m a fan of full sized and floaty.

Things I would like to have (would be considered)
07/08 888 (not high walled, maybe in 7075)
Clyw Sasquatch(possibly)
CYYC Heavy Hitter (solid silver or solid gold would be the preference here)

I view/respond to all offers, and make it a point not to be rude, so offer up.

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