WTB: Small Bearing Yuuksta, and maybe some string if you got it.


Looking for a small bearing Yuuksta, mint or near mint (I wanna feel like it’s still a new yoyo).

I’m gonna get some funds for a birthday/graduation gift,so I will have a limit on what I can spend, and mind you, this limit is pretty double-digit.

I can spend about $25 more if you have some string you can throw in, I’m looking for a 100 pack (or at least close to it) of either Kitty Nylons (not fats) or, if I’m lucky enough to find that one guy out there, alchemy string. colors don’t matter, though I prefer white, or something that matches the yoyo. If not, I’m gonna end up dropping ~$25 on string here at YYE

I realize I have that 0 under my name, so I’d prefer a seasoned trader, and I’ll (obviously) pay first. I’d prefer to pay through paypal. prices of shipping and the percent I believe paypal takes will be discussed. I live in Idaho, US, so you don’t discouraged over shipping later.

If finding a small-bearing Yuuksta proves to be a challenge, then I wouldn’t mind looking for another small-bearing out there, though the Yuuksta is still my first choice

pics of the yoyo (especially the guts) would be highly appreciated.

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