FS/FT CHEAP YYF Yuuksta, need gone ASAP! $25

Prices are marked shipped, in USA only.

Prefer PayPal, but will take cash by mail if you are patient enough for confirmation before shipping.

Looking more for cash, unless you’d like to offer something OD, or RecRev Facade.

Has multiple ano burns, most of which you can’t feel; definitely a beater yo-yo. Put in new pads a couple months ago, binds are still nice and snappy. Very nice beater yo-yo to carry around and throw whenever you have the time, fits nicely in the pocket. Slight vibe, but a new bearing should definitely smooth it out quite a bit. Comes with center trac YYF bearing. Comes with original box.
Retail $64.99
$35 OBO
$32 OBO
$30 cash, $25 PayPal Gift OBO

Can swap bearing with Buddha Bearing Co. Ripple Bearing for an extra $5, just needs to be cleaned. (Great bearing after cleaned an lubed)

Will be sent with 2 new 100% polyester strings (color as shown)

ill give you 15$

Ill give you a 25$ gift card to yye