Wrist Whips :)

Having some fun doing wrist whip variations.


My head exploded when I saw you lift four fingers.

I was like , “You better stop there,” when you did a triple, then I saw you lift four fingers and I was like “Dear God.” :o

Nice stuff though, a lot of slack inspiration.

Thanks man :slight_smile: I love doing wrist whips lol. If I can ever land a quintuple wrist whip on video, I’ll send it to you.

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Nice video! I love Sean Hayes…

You have some sick stuff, you should check out Augie Fash’s Motion Sickness video, he does a lot of cool wrist whip stuff

Thanks :slight_smile: Just watched it, he’s so good. One day I hope I can do stuff like that.

I’ll teach ya! :wink:

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Hey Augie could you teach me too? :wink:

Btw, you are a beast yo-yoer. I saw you live on the Cal-states video.


Augie! You sir, are one of the greatest yoyoers there are… You should make a sequel to Motion Sickness…

And also if you happen to be in a teaching mood, do you think you could do a breakdown of this trick? It would be greatly appreciated…

The one at 2:45

Deal :slight_smile: