Wrist Whip Tricks?

(Mitch) #1

Are there any tricks that use a wrist whip or is it just somthing cool to show off?


Alomst a GT Laceration.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

wrist whips are usually involved in combos.

Its a great element to use in different combos you try to create.

I use them often in my tricks.

Try playing around with them a bit, see what kind of string holds you can hop, roll, slide into.

A great element indeed.


(Marvin.D) #4

try the whip to slack i show people the wrist whip then show them yuuki slack and when am done with that i itell them i’m going to put they togather


You can do a cool Jade Whip variation.

Do the whip, But pinch it and lay the slack on your leg. Hold it there for a second, and then bring it around the other way, drop the slack and get the string around the front of your fingers like a Jade Whip, then whip it into the gap.

This makes no sence…

(Mitch) #6

You should make a video tutorial…


You can roll it out into a trapeze by landing it on the back string and allowing the whip to slide off your wrist. Then combo or move into another trick from there.