Whip Manipulating

I’ve seen a lot of yo-yoers do whips, but instead of immediately whipping the yo-yo, they manipulate the whip to do some “flair” before whipping, such as in this video at :38 and ending at :47. What is this called and are there any tuts?


im not sure if they have a name because they are usually custom i think

Pretty much anything to do with whip combos are custom. I don’t have any tuts, but i’m pretty sure there are some easy whip combo tuts out there.

One cool one that you can do is start to do a Jade Whip. Once the slack is traveling around, going to whip the yo-yo, put your finger/hand out and stop it. Now just do a Brent Stole or Whip from there. I might make a tutorial.

that video song was cool. the trick looks like Paul Han’s Laceration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92K_gVqAVY8

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I do them sometimes… doing it from Jade Whip is the easiest way. Here’s an easy one:


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