Jade Whip Variation?

The one where you kind of hit the jade whip slack back and forth, then eventually complete the jade whip. I’ve seen it numerous times and would like to learn it as it looks pretty awesome. BTW I already know Jade Whip

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_cP6rSc3wg  :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry Wrong Trick.  :stuck_out_tongue: My bad.  :frowning:

Not Follow.

Here’s some help on it (go to about 1:50): http://vimeo.com/4099134

If you want to keep it going, the best way is to hit it off the back of your hand there, then instead of whipping into the yoyo, whipping so it hits the underside of your arm, then back to the top of the hand, switching off etc. until you’re ready to hit the whip.

Hope this made some sense for you :slight_smile: