is anyone else in wrestling .i’ve been in it for three days so far and was just wondering.any tips.




No I do not wrestle.

My precious body! :wink:


I have been a wrestler for a few years now. This is my 5th. Good luck, its arguably the toughest sport out there.


I wrestled back in the day and loved every minute of it.

Best part of it for me was the simple fact that there was no one to blame for a poor performance. It’s one on one at it’s pureist.

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I did a bit of wrestling.

One of the better tips I can give you is to not trust Hulk Hogan. He’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then BAM! You just got thrown off a ladder.

Also, never go to the top rope, it isn’t worth it.

Stay out of ladder matches, unless you want a short career that goes out in glory.

Cage Matches are fun, but make sure they put barbed wire around the top, for added security.


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I was in wrestling all four years of high-school …none of that fake wwe stuff. Full out freestyle /grecco Roman . I do say this …stick it out. It will be rewarding in the end. It was for me. All I can ask is what weight class. I was heavy weight. I can give advice based on your weight division. But always listen to.your coach.

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113.8 was what i was when we weighed in.i’m in eighth grade by the way


SO you’re light weight…Hmmm…May need to ask my coach and some of the older feather weights for some advice to give you…I know it may seem weird, but different weight classes pull different moves and techniques…That’s partly why I won a lot, for despite being huge, I was really fast on my feet, and had a tight clamp grip for tying up. And knowing what’s used a lot helps you counter it.



Mind=blown. I haven’t been myself lately…


That would be really nice of you to do that for me.


Here’s some links to vids that I thought might help.  Just rememeber, Patience is key…Not all matches will be quick.  Ankle biters use Ankle Picking a lot in the lighter divisions…Mind you, in HS you will get stronger, so don’t feel bad if you can’t do some of it yet.  These are just some good examples I found, and watching helped me learn a lot.

Ankle Picking is very Helpful to pull off and prevent.


2:37 has a really hard maneuver in the below vid…This is more for when you get some strength, but studying it will help, I think.  These are 145  pounders I believe, but similar technique is used for your class if i remember correctly.

Half Nelsons are a common pinning technique…Here’s a neat way of doing it…I did this a lot when I felt like being different, lol.


Rather than asking for tips on wrestling at a yoyo forum, just find awrestling forum. That’d get you off to a good start.


Still doesn’t hurt to ask here…And on a wrestling forum, Which I know none, it may seem odd to ask for advice like this. He’s asking for all sorts of advice, and he seeked help here…I’d say this helped him a lot, since I wrestled as well.


Ima pretty good wrestler I’m trained in TeaKwonDo, MMA,Judo, Aikido, and Elite style boot camp training but I do the “hardcore”(as my instructor would call it) no the fake or the high-school style wrestling in my studio we do life threatening locks, I’ve actually had to be carried off by an ambulance because my shoulder was dislocated during a bad arm bar (I tried to roll out but some how the guy was trying to get a Kimora so it busted my arm up real bad :frowning: )


Trust me, I know what you mean…Freestyle and Grecco Roman are the traditional, ancient Greece/ Olympics style Wrestling, I have done both, along with HS, which is known as Folk Style…I love Suplexing and being a jerk with throws…But no, I understand what you mean, Yopro. I would do MMA, but I am really out of the shape as of now, Once I get back into shape, I’ll be good to go.


Here’s something that will help you get in shape a lot faster:

Get a Garbage Bag (Big) cut in two arms holes and a hole for your head to go through and put it on, the bag should stick and it will get a bigger sweat going no matter what your doing.

Good Luck :slight_smile: .