Would trade either of these for a dingo plus throw in the acid wash paragraph for free! Added Saturday market intro

Don’t want to get rid of either one but I need the cash so these are the two up for grabs today.
Take the Rev1 for $80 shipped SOLD

Take the Paragraph for $30 shipped

Willing to let the paragraph go for $25 free shipping! This throw in this color way I’ve always felt could’ve gone for double it’s retail price and I still would’ve bought it. I’ve always thought it had way above its price range and this color was beautiful. I always told myself I wouldn’t sell it just because it’s worth way more than 30 bucks to me, but I’m in need of cash make no mistake for 25 bucks, This yo-yo is a great deal.

Adding special POM edition Sense Anti-mono $40


YYF Element $40

Both throws are mint and amazing, super comfy in the hand and both feel unique and glide on the string. Both are completey unavailable in any retailer. Will do better price if u bundle multiple throws.


If someone buys the element and antimono I will throw in the paragraph for free!!

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Bump. Would trade either the element or antimono for a dingo plus I’ll throw in the acid wash paragraph all mint with box

Would also trade a mint Saturday market intro and the paragraph for a dingo.

For a beach party gorge I would trade the Saturday market intro plus ANY ONE OF these YO-YOS PLUS THE PARAGRAPH


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