working on some stuff

alright so i have been working on some new combos and tricks lately and ideas on what i can do better?

I am not good enough or skilled enough to give advice. However I can say it was a great video and well made. You showed great skill and endurance and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

New to the forum so my word probably doesn’t hold much meaning, but I really liked this a lot. Keep up the good work.

Also what yoyo are you using?

Great stuff Abby; I liked the black and white effect.

However, just one note, there was some stuff I couldn’t see because the yoyo went below the shot.

first thing i noticed is you need to work on getting all those combos as smooth as butter try not to get any break in between. I know this is harder with the tech most people like, but it can be done. If you need any help getting smoother with tricks move away from the dub and go for songs that have a harder beat to follow and are a little more flowy in the beat. I would say watch my videos to see smoothness but i loose like 70% percent of my smoothness when i get in front of a camera.

 I like that your tricks are original.  However, I see a lot of non-pros (in other words, like 90% of the yoyo community) that make original tricks be unable to do those tricks.  And the reason that is is that it's almost impossible to make look smooth.  You might see a large number of pros being really smooth while being original.  That's because they've got down the method of how to do so.  You're somewhat in the middle.  You have some pretty good originality, but you could make a few adjustments to those tricks to make them much easier to perform smoothly.  It may involve taking out a few elements you like, but in the long run it will improve your tricks.
 One more bit of criticism: I would suggest switching up your binds.  That one bind you always do adds some nice flare, but continual use of it could make it dull or may cause mess-ups that can be avoided.
 Despite all that I see some good tricks in there.  I would like to see you get them a little cleaner, but nice progression anyway.

that was my SPYY orbitron 5000 its extremely nimble and fast when you want it to be.

and yeah i know i realized that too I’m working on that stuff. that and the black and white effect was to see the string better because the original footage made it hard to see.

yeah i do switch up my binds and stuff but i tend to forget i need to work on it. that and I’m surprised i diddn’t use the presidents bind because i have been using that a TON.