Wonder what yoyoers think of Global Warming?

Now you know.

Dylan is amazing.

But don’t let him find out, or else at the next contest he’ll T-Bag me. He said so himself.

JK lovesies Dylan.

I want to meet him.

Yes you do.

  1. i like cereal with mik.
  2. The climate has been going down for the past 13 years bro. Pick up a news paper

Global Warming is FAKE AND *** (IMO)

I think Global Warming is a big deal for our governments and for all the poor people to relate to, like such as, the world so it can become a better place and peaceful for all everyone.


Global Warming or not, our carbon footprint is too large.

what’s up with the van at the end of the video?

Global warming is going to melt that van so there can be more yoyos made for us. hurray!!

I don’t think it’s a problem after looking at it explained. I think it’s just a good thing for politicians to ague about and selling new cars. But I’m not saying we shouldn’t lower pollution I’m just saying it’s a buzz word.

And I hate milk on cereal it makes it all soggy and gross… :stuck_out_tongue:

They should’ve put a new car or an old diesel truck showing exhaust pollution.

And yes when I eat cereal with milk I like to eat it fast to feel the cereal crunchy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer to this question has plagued my mind for the past few weeks, thanks Josh for giving me an answer. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, epic win vid. :wink:

Global Warming is for squares.

Al Gore is our hero. Thou shall obey.

I can’t tell if you are cereal…


I think Global Warming comes from beans.They should ban beans.

i am a conspiratorial and skeptical thinker… i believe its a tool used to instill fear among citizens, although i havent heard about it in years

haha zack gormley, jacob jensens response was… simple, and even nagao did what he seems he does, like cereal, i liked dylans in a weird way, he seemed like he was out of it like O.o, but very funny video

haha well its nice to see that im like among the viewers of THIS video i got some serious hate for my actions in joshs previous “fun” video haha all and all i think both of your videos came out great josh continue to keep making them so i can continue to be in them