Wish in one hand...

…catch a yoyo in the other.

Is there a yoyo you wish was around when you very first started playing?

I’m not talking some $200 thing. I mean something that would have been a practical aid in learning or enjoyment.

I really wish when I started I could have a metal drifter. Now I have gone through 3 beat Metal drifters, and Yomega Hotshot, A broken Dark Magic II, and now an AMAZING C3 Capless

Ball bearings! Poly string! Metal!

Hey my first was an imperial… You kids these days and your fancy throws! :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah I don’t know, I have always been the journey is the fun for me kinda’ guy. So I had to start with fixed axle and nobody to learn from for years. I’m not sure I would have had it any other way. By the time bearings came around and the 90’s boom happened, I was ready for that step. As well as ready to play/teach/learn from others.

PSG awesome for 1a and 3a

I wish I had someone to teach me

No. I’m rather pleased at how I started.

Reflex and Imperial, then a DM2. Got some inexpensive Duncan and Yomega stuff to screw around with as well, but was on the DM2 like mad. First metals were a beat Gnarwal and a Code 1 because I got one heck of an amazing deal on the pair.

Basically, I feel I took a logical course of action considering my lack of knowledge on yoyo evolution. I got in for under $20 with 2 inexpensive yoyos. Played the Reflex to build immediate confidence and improve my throw from nothing to something “that didn’t completely suck”. Re-inforced that with the Imperial. DM2 arrived, moved from responsive to unresponsive play. Just kept at it with the DM2… even after getting the metals, still on the DM2.

Heck, I have a massive collection. I’ll gladly take a DM2 if presented to me.

Had I known differently and it was available:
Classic, bundled with a YYJ Speed bearing and a set of YYJ response pads. This would have replaced the Reflex, Imperial and DM2. Odds are it may have changed a lot for me.

I’m pleased. I wouldn’t change a thing. Things happened at the right times for the right reasons. I landed here early on too, which also was a fortunate thing.

I think my first throw was a wooden axle Coca Cola yoyo I got from some fast food restaurant. It was more of a novelty for me than a hobby at the time. I wish I’d had more butterfly shaped throws and online resources.


Only I wish I knew about was polyester string lol.

I wish peaks were still being produced when I started. Because y’know… they’re awesome and stuff.

The ProZ is what started me thinking about this. I’ve been throwing mine a lot the last few days. Made think how cool it would have been to have been able to just cruise over to TRU and grab an $8 yoyo that can play like the ProZ.