Winter Storm Thor

So how much snow did everyone get?

7.4" here in WV.

edit: Awesome storm name though!

um its still snowing where i live… sooo its hard to tell that and also its still going really strong. :wink:

That’s the best name I’ve ever heard for a storm. Alas, I live in the desert (not my choice, I love the cold) so not even that cold

Here in Northern VA, only about 2-4. But by the end of the day, about 8 in.

Hehe I thought the thread was the new movie title for an Avenger, only 'cause it’s like 90 degrees where I am today :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: obviously we don’t get many storms here. Or much winter for that matter

UPDATE: I got about 8-9 inches.

So when did they start naming winter storms? Sounds like a local weatherman hype deal to get viewers.