winner of thanksgiving story contest??


when will they announce it?


Sorry for the delay. We wanted to do it yesterday and got a little busy trying to make sure all of our customers were taken care of over the phone and email, etc.

We will announce the winner today! Appreciate everyone’s patience!

  • André


Hey andre! Awsome,cant wait to find out who the winner is:)


And thanks for having a contest in the first place!

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I hope I get the prize.
Check: Crossed fingers, arms, legs, toes,tongue,eyes… it’s getting really hard to type…


It’s not about winning, it’s just all in good fun :wink:


Exactly! Well…no…no no no…it is about winning!!! lol

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I still wanna win.


How is it going to be announced?


yea I was wondering the same thing…and they still havn’t said who lol


well if you believe in the whole canceling out aspect of crossing your fingers than you better cross one more thing. your arms cancel out your fingers, toes cancel legs, and eyes cancel tongue.



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Well… it’s the day after “today” and it still hasn’t been announced, has it?


Jeez Guys! Just calm down Andre has a lot of things to do with this website more important than choosing A winner for this contest. Plus we are just lucky he had a contest to give someone free stuff.


dingo has a point, Andre is most probably busy with other stuff, including running the site…I would give him a break, and just let the suspense surprise you.


The chances of you winning are very low anyway, so cool your jets.


Yes especially since they just had the black friday sale.


be patient and optomistic, you probably wont win, but your chances of winning are better than the lottery…


He’s probably waiting on the mystery box thing so he can announce both at the same time. Patience young padawan.



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Ummm… ok…