Win a sig! (Who wants it?) (Just tell me you'll use it and it is yours.)

Only enter if you like the superstar!!! All winners, (Kim-Lan) can’t enter.

Riddle: A cowboy came into town on Friday, stayed 3 days and then left on Friday. How is this possible?


Only enter if you can do the following!

When I send you the personalized pic, save it on your computer, go on to, press the bullet that says I want to upload my own image, then press browse, and select your sig, then press text and fonts, next, erase line one and two, after that, press update my banner, make sure it looks good, and then press get the codes, next, where it says, erase it and type in it’s place, press update codes and then scroll down, then where it says code for forums, drag the words in the box below it, over to your yoyoexpert fourm profile information page, and drag it over to your signature box, so then whever you post, your sig will be there!

Have fun, now gogogogogogogo!

His Horse’s name was Friday.

Dang, Evan got it before me.

Winner!!! (when im done making it I’ll pm you it!)

Annyone else want it?

First person to say my name gets it!

Although I like my signature :stuck_out_tongue:

Evan! ;D

I already pmed it to evan, but I’ll do it again and pm it to mikey77.


Aww, I lke Superstars. :frowning: Oh well, I’ll try to get a Bully sig somehow.

I already got a superstar red its my favorite yoyo

Who wants me to make them a SuperStar signature?

Deal fell through, sig up for grabs.

Solve this, who is the only person on the general yo team.

Answer and you will get the sig!

Sam Lopez…

A guess here: Paul Escolar?

The dog’s teeth are so fake.


(Do you want the sig, just checking because i personalized like 3 and when i pm them they didnt want it anymore!) :-\ (please respond as soon as possible!)

p.s. My dog does not wear denchers spencer l! lol! :smiley:

Ill Take it…
I am working on my own though :wink:
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well if you are not going to use it, why should I give it to you? Will you use it or should i give it to someone else? ???

please respond asap. I’ll give you 10min. and if you don’t respond I’m giving it to someone else.

I know it has been up like 5 times now but it’s up for grabs. Only if you use it!

answer this: What is the best yoyo site?