Will you guys buy??

I will be making some dice and sell them for 4 bucks. They are all 22m(duincan’s are 21mm)
I wont be getting all of them but as more people buy dice I will

I don’t think its right that you are using pics of dice that belong to someone that is a member here and sells those exact ones. That is wrong. I’ll give you a chance to remove it or i’ll remove this thread.

Beat me to it.

I take back what I said. I thought that he painted those dice. Seems he bought them that way so you have every right to them as well.

4$ = 1 dice?

Bit steep, IMHO. But those glitter ones do look snazzy (I can use the word snazzy if I choose to). :slight_smile:

I think 4 dollars for a dice is kind of pricey. A 3 pack of Duncan counterweights is 4 bucks and as the name says they give 3. Maybe one dollar a dice and then we’ll see if anyone reviews it.

BTS: Shouldn’t this be in the BST?

wish i could choose more than one in the poll. “too expensive” “have enough” and “don’t do too much 5a”