Clear Dice Counterweight Pyramid!


It is actually two pyramids. 36 in the big pyramid, 6 in the little pyramid on the right side.


This is beautiful.


would u be willing to sell 1


Yes! I am selling them for $7 for the first one and $6 for each additional one. Includes shipping in the US.

(Kei) #5

Did you get those at Peter Piper Pizza?
Cause I just went there and got a dice that looks EXACTLY like it. Same colors same size (I think). Its blue on some numbers and red on the one and four.


Dice at a Pizza joint? Too funny.

No, got them from another source.


does the 7 $ include shipping


Yep. US shipping included.


are they all the same?




k i might get one


if you run out befor i get money can u get more

(Kei) #13

LOL. No its like a chukie cheezes. (I hate that place)


Yep, shouldn’t be a problem.


did you drill these yourself


Yes. I drilled them in the lathe.