The dice may be licensed, but now that you’ve modified the, the license is invalidated, and now you’re just selling CW’s, and doing so without paying licensing fees.

I like the idea, just warning you of legal issues. It’s best to bundle these into some sort of mod services. With that in mind, I’m hearing nothing but good stuff about your work and I might be sending some stuff your way for some weight ring modifications(Duncan ProZ and Butterfly XT come to mind).

From my understanding of a peronal email corespondance with duncan’s marketing director, since I would be purchasing the actual “Duncan” dice, I can modify them for resale. :wink:

Only 4 people voted!? Keep in mind yyj bearing counterweights are $6. It woud be silly for me to charge $4 for these; that means It would be costing me more to make these than I would make selling them :smiley:

I can’t vote from my phone. But I might buy a couple. Especially if there’s a dice buying the string involved…

Haha. I don’t think I’ll be making any of these. The duncan dice would cost me nearly $4 each, then I have to buy the a-spec bearings and pay for shipping (not to mention free labor). I can’t sell these for $4. Thanks to those who voted. I’m gad I posted this before buying all the materials, making a bunch, and then trying to break even :wink:

I was planning on getting a Cherry Bomb modded by you. That might take a while for now, but possibly there will be a Dice coming along to get modded too :slight_smile: