WILL TRADE YYR FOR General Yo 7075 Majesty/Model 10 Japanese brands, CLYW, OD

Welcome to my humble Buy/Sell/Trade
Please leave your umbrellas by the door, and please, no food or drink inside the building

I am not picky about damage, so dont be afraid to offer beater. I hate wobbles though, but don’t really mind vibe. Please, feel free to be unrealistic! But do not expect me to consider your offer for a second if it is crazy. PM me if you would like more pictures, and do not be afraid to PM me with any questions you may have. A group picture resides at the bottom of this post.


I really want some PACKAGE DEALS!

Wants in the title. I will trade to the moon and back for some of them.

Side note, I would like lots of string

I will trade my YYR for a nice 7075 Majesty, or a BA Model 10!

I have

Near mint, vibey, axel issues

Fair condition

YYJoker Double Joker
Awesome, near mint
Up there with YYR IMO

One Drop Code 2(s)
One black, one bape
Both in good condition
Can swap halves, SEs

CLYW Avalanches
1 FG, 1 not.
Near minty
Only FT for other Avas

RecRev Ostrallix
Near mint

3YO3 Cosmos
Near mint

YYR Gleipnir
Good condition

Chico MANimal

Thank you for cheking out my Buy/Sell/Trade
I hope we can work out a deal.


Update sorta