Will Ford - Fruit Shoot Advert Voting -3 DAYS LEFT. VOTEEEE!!!

Recently, ive been heavily involved with the ‘Juice Crew’ of Robinsons Fruit Shoot Juice Drink. They recently held a competition for people to submit their skilled videos. The boys at Fruit Shoot really liked my skills, so i submitted a video.
6000 people entered, 12 videos where picked. My video was chosen as one of those 12.

My video (along with 11 others) will be submitted to fruitshoot.co.uk this friday at noon.
Voting is free, so please submit your vote and HELP YOYOING GET ON TV!!
Will. x

Cmon guys! Start voting!!
When you go to the website hompage, click the middle bubble and there will be a selection of videos there. Click the guy with the grey shirt standing by a fence and vote!

Lovesies. <3


So when/why did you stop posting here? I saw some of your posts (remember your avatar) from when I first signed up. WHich is about 1 year and 3 months ago.

This forum built up VERY fast. I saw alot of kids on this forum, posting simple and already answered questions. I couldnt be dealing with this so i didnt bother really =]




nice video
and voted