Will a salt cave affect my yoyo?

So my teacher organised a trip to a salt cave(salt mine whatevs),where you go and inhale that salty air.I had my CZM8,but i didnt use it because i thought the salt cristals will stick to my bearing (i know,dumb,but plausibile).I kept it in a cloth bag in my backpack. Any ideas?

i doubt it would have seriously affected the yoyo… There may be a slight chance of it messing with the anodizing but still i doubt the salt would have any affect on the yoyo unless you dunked it in some salt water.

I kept it in a cloth bag in my backpack all the time.I used the yoyo after that,at home,and it was working perfect.

The salt mine should be no problem since you kept it inside its cloth bag. Unless it was an extremely humid day and you opened your backpack frequently, I can’t see any reason why it would damage your yoyo.

If it was humid and you opened your backpack alot, the only thing you might worry about would be the salt corroding (oxidizing) the stainless steel of the bearing. (Stainless steel is only resistant to corrosion.)

On a side note, Anodization is a oxidized layer of aluminum (aluminum oxide) that protects the aluminum from oxidizing any further as well as preventing scratches since Aluminum Oxide is much harder than raw aluminum. Therefore salt will not affect the anodizing.

Long story short, you should be fine. If you are really worried, I would clean the bearing in mineral spirits or 95% isopropyl alcohol.

Thanks Mark