Wildfire Reimbursement Fund aka Yoyos For Sale

Hello all, I’ve got some rarely used throws that want a new home because I want already bought a Wildfire and I’m starting to realize I don’t personally need this many yoyos.

I wouldn’t call any of them mint because they’ve been opened and used and such, but no significant damage on any of them. Any throw you are interested in will be fully inspected and all nicks and pin pricks and scratches will be shown in photos via PM.

Prices are shipped CONUS and fees are included if that’s how you roll.

Get any two throws and take $10 off.

Basecamp Jackknife - $25
YoYoCo Savage - $OLD
YYF Metal Arrow - $10 add on
Zeekio Prism - $20
YYF 2019 Skyline - $OLD
YYF Hubstacks Genesis (must locate stacks) - $40
YYF Protege - $25
YYF Catalyst - $OLD
YYF Grind Machine - $10 add on
Basecamp Sherpa - $OLD
Duncan FH Zero - changed my mind, keeping

Prices are not necessarily firm and package deals for multiples. Not looking to trade but that doesn’t mean I won’t.



Is the Sherpa set up unresponsive?

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Bumped and lowered some prices.

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Lowered some prices again, probably by last attempt.

Bumped with a bundle discount. Last try.

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