wich yo yo u will take?


wich yoyo up there you want the most?


lol srry if that was a crazy poll just wanted what u guys like more.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #2

I am pretty sure less than 10 people tried every yoyo on that list


yeah i know lol but just vote not matter u got it or not wich is the one u want more…

lol i mean imagine some telling u wich of thoe u want and he will give u for free wich one u will choose?

vote… :slight_smile:


some1 voted punchline…!


Maxbet! I want one so bad!


great lol


2 votes for punchline and 1 for maxbet and leviathen2


3 for punchline!!! :o


cmon guys just vote


new news punchline frays the string fast so would u risk that much of string on it?

(LookAYoYo) #11

it really doesn’t. it is my favorite yoyo


i readed a review and they said it risk more and another guy said it does even fro him

anyways idk realy


spyy owns up there!