Of all the yoyo tricks I know, only one (eclipse) operates on a 3D plane. The vast majority of yoyo tricks operate on a 2D plane, which in my opinion closes a lot of possibilities. So why is it like this? Anyone got answers?


Perhaps players have not utilized 2D tricks to their full potential and still see many possibilities in the “limited” field.

Out of curiosity, are you referring to sidestyle as 3D tricks?


Nope. Those still operate in a 2D plane, just a different one. Go on Rethink yoyo and look at the Eclipse. You should see what I mean.


I think it’s because those plan breaking 3D tricks have a tendency to put the yoyo off axis. They do look very cool though.



That eclipse trick is awesome…


There is also 3d Eli Hops. Hold like normal Eli hops but pop out instead of up. On yoyonation’s YouTube channel they have a tutorial for a trick that is called tether ball.

I don’t thing people use a lot of 3d because when you do it it runs against the yoyo reducing sleep times.


A lot of people are saying its not done because it hard and cuts sleep time. Landing on Mars is hard and people have done it. So is going to the Mariana Trench. Or climbing Mount Everest. But people still do it.


First I don’t think going to mars an yo young is a fair comparison.

Also people do 3d tricks. They are just no common. Things don’t land I. Mars daily and people don’t always do 3d.


People have landed on Mars ??? :-\


Try Sebby’s trick I think it’s called tetherball it’s on 3D axis


3d tricks kills spin time and causes the yoyo to tilt, they are also hard to do. it is very difficult to put two 3D tricks into one combo, because your yoyo will die by the end of the first one.

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Yet another reason to love fixed axle.


Go away. And take your annoyingly awesome skills with you.

( this is a compliment, by the way)


Did anyone mention the trick tetherball?

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Rethink did a tutorial for my trick Centrum

Yeah, people don’t do 3d tricks.



I do 3d when making up picture tricks FYI. And no people have been on Mars…


3D cuts down sleep times and slows the yoyo down. It’s also pretty hard to come up with a good flowing 3D trick, but Zammy pulls it off very nice :slight_smile: check out his post, you could learn quite a lot from him.