Why the loss of interest in responsive Yo-Yos?

Thanks Ivan, ill keep that in mind. i guess i havnt quite realized how much lube can change bearing response etc.

my main thing is- ive always wanted the perfect, slim, fit-in-your-pocket throw, perfect for looping, and string stricks, etc… the take-anywhere do-anything yoyo. thats what i want,

i was fortunate enough to find a new in the box Came-Yo Mondial a few weeks ago for a good price and picked it up and i got to say- the Mondial is damn near close to my “ideal Yo-Yo”, but not quite…its awesome in design and function but falls a little short in performance for all thoe categories… especially looping.

I appreciate everybody’s inputs and suggestions, thanks!

I went ahead and ordered one of the YYF confusions. might try and get one of these other models too. though more than anything i really want the old school original stuff. Tom Kuhn SB-2, stuff like that.

The SB-3 looks like it was a better version of the Mondial. shame they didnt make more of those

Is there a definition of “Modern Responsive” when compared to the Turbo Bumble Bee or the Freehand 2?

I was out for awhile as well and came back to the “Unresponsive” world. I refused to go unresponsive for a while. Was excited and got the first run Confusion GT, thinking that would finally check the box on never getting the Cold Fusion GT. I’m sure everyone knows my my disappointment on my expectation vs reality on Confusion GT.

Finally got the Confusion and yes it feels good but it took me an hour before I was able to shoot the moon with it.

So is there a difference in our “Modern Responsive” throws?

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awesome thanks Aaron!


mmmm, see thats my concern. im hoping the confusion plays well for me and i think it will but i really want a slim old school feel and preferably metal. just cant afford an original Cold Fusion.

I did find a reasonably priced used Turbo Bumble Bee in the last month but it kind of sucks. might be becuase of the worn brake pads…we will see… the string just doesnt feel “alive”. it like hits a hard deadness at the end… i dont know quite how to explain it. Im guessing that somebody probably just abused this Bumblebee

But yeah- also just picked up an original Came-Yo Mondial and holy crap that thing is awesome.
I just want to know what is similar to it, and maybe modern, but even better. becuase the Mondial is wonderful but it still feels like its “missing the mark” for me in terms of my ideal yo-yo

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Chip a tooth! Break your nose! Fracture your hand! :smiley:

jk but only a little.


Coincidentally- I just did chip my tooth tonight with the turbo bumble bee. That’s some tough plastic my god.


With the chipped tooth I think I’m starting to understand the appeal with unresponsive play.


Do not make the mistake of thinking that will save you! I just hit myself in the nose yesterday with an unresponsive yoyo I thought I could trust.


This guy is just about to drop and I’d consider it as well.

New responsive releases do come up regularly but unresponsive definitely comes up a bit more.


Strangely enough I actually picked up a used slide rule over the Summer after getting hooked on pulp sci-fi. All the cool characters in those stories use a slide rule.

Of course, I haven’t gotten up the ambition to learn to use it or anything. But I feel smarter just having it on the desk.



Some old slide-rules are very precise instruments that cost considerable money back in the old-days. The more finely-calibrated and easy to slide; the more precision can be derived.

I learned how to use a slide-rule in High-School. Using a slide-rule efficiently is a skill that is learned over long periods of use. It replaces complex multiplication and division with addition and subtraction of logarithms.

Using a calculator is far easier, more efficient not to mention; far more precise. Like responsive yo-yo’s that used to leave my knuckles bloody and bruised in the 70’s; I do not miss my slide rule one bit.


I love responsive but I think it comes down to play style.

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Though if you want to learn the under pinnings of logarithmsa slide rule helps a bit. And understanding that can help with understanding certain mathematical algorithms in computer science.

All that being said, I agree that there’s no real reason to routinely use slide rules instead of calculators.

However, I’m not sure a slide rule vs. calculator is the best comparison to responsive vs. unresponsive.
Maybe something closer to automatic vs. manual car transmissions?

In closing, here’s a slide rule related joke:

Noah was above deck on the ark when he heard a commotion below decks. Going to investigate, there was a ruckus coming from two of the snakes.
“We can’t multiply, Noah!” they exclaimed.
“That’s what you’re here to do, though. What’s the problem?” Noah asked.
“We’re adders!”
Noah went away for a while, contemplating the problem. A little bit later he came back bearing a small platform made of wood salvaged from the ark.
“Here you go!” Said Noah proudly.
“What’s this?” asked the snakes. “How will this help?”
“Well, even adders can multiply if they use a log table!”


Lol great joke

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Wow the red blood cell looks awesome. Plus- as a scientist I can tell my wife it’s for educational purposes lol.


I’m an old guy. Responsive is still my favorite. I’m “slowly” learning how to use an unresponsive yoyo and have several.

I recently purchased an RBC. It is become my favorite throw.

Here is a pic of my daily throws:



And they require some amount of skill to play well. A lot of the legacy tricks developed on them are not beginner level by any means.