Why SF only release one run of the best yoyo ing the world?

why SF, why do you have such small releases. ive always wondered why SF has such small releases and ive wondered even more why they have one-time releases like the SStatment that gets so much hype yet they don’t release a second run. to all SF lovers, im not getting on to @sfyoyos im just asking a question, and actually SF is my favourite brand and they make my most favourite yoyos


Ordering a 2nd run of a yoyo is like taking a huge bite of a sandwich. You have to commit to testing, promoting, packaging, and shipping all of those yoyos, which might not be great because you have other projects you’re already working on.

Edit: It’s that feeling all the time.


We don’t really have such small releases, but we do have some special projects from time to time (like the TiCadence, SStatement, etc) The SStatement in particular was a prototype we decided to pass on while developing the Statement, but thought it was good enough to still see the light of day in the form of a special preorder release.

It ended up quite loved, which was nice because that reflected our internal feelings on the yoyo too… but doesn’t really change that the preorder page explicitly said what the project would be to us (a special thing)


thanks so much, I’ve been really curious about this lately

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