Why all the contests?

(Frank W.) #1

Why is it that everyone and their mother wants to throw their own contest. I think it all started with Samad’s contest (not saying it was a bad idea I liked it, it was great), but now everyone is throwing their own contest. I find it kind of annoying because every week someone is having their own contest. And the last time I checked this is a forum, so I believe we should stick to just that being a forum and maybe have a few contests thrown by the eXperts every so often not every week. What are everyone elses opinions on this?

(JayVee) #2

I really like contests, they’re fun and exciting, but I agree. I think that there are way too many contests happening at one time. I think that one contest every so often is enough.


or maybe just one contest every 1 or 2 months should be enough

(Chris Allen) #4

This is why…

But honestly, does it matter?
There SHOULD however, be a separate area here for ONLINE contests, that way they do not clog the main section.


that is funny
but I agree


i like entering them but i have one video on this site like 6 times.


I say that we have a separate forum section just for this kind of thing.

where people can frolic in the fields of contests, and be undisturbed by the busyness of our dear forum here.

(Myre) #8

Er… I don’t know why it bothers you so much. We’re a forum with a contests section. You can’t expect contests to not appear?

An online contest section would be great. We talk about yo-yoing so much, it’s only natural to see where we are amongst ourselves. Contests would give people more motivation to get better, too.

(Frank W.) #9

It’s not that I don’t like the contests it’s the fact there are like seven going on at one time.


That picture was pretty funny.

Back on topic.

The thing I’ve noticed is that with YoYoNation, they have contests, but their spread out more than us.

We have more, and all cluttered together in one big heap.

There should be a reserve that has to go by Andre’s saying, like a 5A contest goes here, a 1A contest goes here, and spread them out.

That clutter we’re doing is our fault, and some contests should be put to a hold so we can have time to think.