Who's Going To MN States?

So Who’s Going I Know Its Not until April But Its Never To Early To ask Right?

I might be I’m asking for that as a birthday present lol


99% chance I’m there… hope it’s not like last year with a lacrosse game the night before.

Sweat Ill look forward to seeing you there

Is anyone else going?

I’m there every year for the last 7 years :slight_smile:


I’m going because I’m going to win! Just kidding. Doing one a even thought I’ve been yoyoing for one year. Going to be hard. Not doing jr.

Best way to get out there :slight_smile:

I wish I could still do juniors haha.

I am most likely going

it is Kennan. I saw you at mn states last year and mwr.

They changed jr to amateur. Lame

So, you guys excited. I’m excited

me too