Who won the Mystery Grand Prize?

Has anyone won it yet?
It has gone unclaimed for a while so I am wondering if anyone received the prize?
(If you have, please post pics of the whole thing)

My guess is Zorro

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Zorro is being frustratingly coy about his especially since he claims his is 3 lbs and it came already!

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Whoever won it won it as soon as it left the YYE warehouse.

Just leaves It to who got it ::slight_smile:

I wonder what’s the farthest someone shipped a box. We might not know who got it before those people receive theirs and when people open their boxes for Christmas. It’s still a mystery who got the prize and it might remain a mystery for a while :joy:

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Zorro might be preparing an epic unboxing video for the grand prize :kissing_smiling_eyes:, right right?

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I think mine probably has to travel the furthest, Western Australia.

:joy:dayum, what’s the expected delivery date of YOUR box?

jhauxfan won

According to the tracking, this Friday. The only reason it’ll be anywhere near that quick is because YoyoExpert REALLY looked after me on the shipping. Plus they even went to the trouble of de-boxing the mystery box for me to fit it into a Fedex parcel, even though I’d only paid for Priority Mail. Life’s been kicking me in the nads a bit lately, and it’s amazing the positive impact on your mood being reminded that there’s still kind, cool, professional in the world.

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This. This is why I love YYE, and what makes them great. Sometimes the things they do may not be the best for their bottom line, but when they go the extra mile I’m sure it comes back to them many times over with stories like this.