Just curious what offers I would get for my current project once it’s done. I did it with the OKC Thunder in mind. I thought I would yinyang one of my Samsonite cases with Blue and Orange except instead of dots I wrote BOSS write through the middle. It’ll be pretty sweet when I finish it. Just needs a touch up, and then I’m also painting the back side as well. (Oh and I was thinking of attaching 25 Neon Orange strings, 25 Blue Strings, and ten Blue Orange Mixes with the case.)

Here’s the unpainted case.

Like I said. Before I officially put it up for sell or trade. I just wanted to hear offers. I really want a California. I you’ve been thinking I really want a case, and you have a California you don’t want let me know.

Bump. Not getting the case done this week, but I’ll get it done.

OMG I HAD a California in great condition until someone stole it from me but I have a way to get it back! I have to buy it back from him for $10.00 but I suck at getting money… I would totally trade it with you but I don’t have any money… sorry!!

Well I might be a while so I’ll keep updating here.

So wait, would you trade that case for a California?

Yeah. When I finish it I would. It still has some need of a cosmetic touch up on the front, and I haven’t done the bottom yet. Furthermore I need to get a foam insert made for the case. Once that is done I would trade for a California.

Alright I will try to get it back!!!

Hope you don’t get mad if I bump this for you!!! Sorry if you didn’t want it bumped!!!

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no problem. I just haven’t been on for a day or two.

I’m very tired, but with any luck. I can make some serious progress with the case this weekend.