Who knows motorcycles?

What is this? Harley possibly?


It looks like one of those old WW II German Army jobs. But it could be a US Army one as well. The tank says “War Vet 1943”.

This one looks very similar - US Army.

This would indicate it’s a Harley.

As well as this (scroll down about half way):

Yea, looks pretty similar. I really like the look of them.

My brother is a certified Harley mechanic and a bit of an historian on them so I sent the pic over to him. I let you know what he says.

Cool. Thanks!

I was hoping for a more explicatory response, least ways, here’s my brother’s answer;

"That is indeed a Harley. Late 30’s or early 40’s. "

It’s fine. That is what I was thinking but didn’t know for sure. Thank you for your help.

That’s a Harley Davidson WLA 45 Bobber. It was made starting in 1940, and ended production at the end of WW2, then was briefly remade during the Korean war from 49-52. It’s the Army version of the HD WL 45 (A standing for Army in WLA)

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Show off.

Actually thanks a lot dynikus, that was the kind of expository answer I was hoping for from my little bro. He probably would have put in more effort if it wasn’t just me asking.

Thanks for the complete explanation. It is really helpful.

No problem :slight_smile:
I could also go into what custom work’s been done to it outside of just restoration if you’d like. :wink: But I think THAT would just be showing off. haha

No, no. Please do. I’ve been looking at a lot of custom Harley builds lately and have been really interested. Share what you know my friend.

Well from the looks of it, the front wheel isn’t the stock size, the front fender was removed (or atleast wasn’t replaced), the rear fender isn’t OEM, it’s missing the rear luggage rack, saddle bags, ammo case, and machine gun holster (which makes sense for atleast the ammo case and holster, given that it’s for street use.)
From the angle, it looks like the footboards aren’t OEM either (Normally it has full on footboards, but it looks like this has normal highway pegs), and I think the seat was moved back and down a little. Also, the paint is custom, it was originally painted olive drab. I’m not sure about the lights, but iirc, WLA 45s had a 2nd set of head and tail lights that were black out lights to reduce nighttime visibility.
Also, it’s missing the mirrors.

I could be off on a few things, as I only have the picture to work off of. But I think that’s most of it.

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