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Thoughts on ‘Personality Type’ and the Yoyo Community
well we all know were awesome. Lets delve a little bit deeper.

It’s been a while! I have been interested and researching Carl Jung, psychology/MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). Pretty much the study of personality. Some of you may have heard about it. I learned about it my first year of college. I think it should be taught earlier in schools. It is helpful in understanding yourself and others. Food for thought :smiley:

The theory is that there are 16 types made up of these 4 letters. This is the basics called “Keirsey”
Introvert vs Extrovert: I / E
Sensor vs iNtuition: S / N
Thinking vs Feeling: T / F
Judging vs Perceiving: J / P

You can take a test here: (its only right like 50% of the time according to studies, take the results with a grain of salt)
So which are you? Check out this website:

It is a very well put together website. Here are some IMGs from it.

There is also the Cognitive Functions that are very much connected to this theory and should not be overlooked. Below is a website with more information. There are many message boards/youtube channels/memes blowing up about MBTI these days. Lots of information. It kind of has its own community of nerds like me who talk about it.

The theory behind this is that we all have 4 functions which make up our “personality”. A study has been done to read brain activity and this guy can now spot these personality types by brain mapping using something called an EEG. I think it just shows which parts of the brain are active while doing certain tasks.
I think I am an “INTP” which would make my functions Ti > Ne > Si > Fe

Ti Introverted Thinking being my dominant first which makes up 85% of me, my auxiliary being Ne Extraverted Intuition. I am still learning about this but I think the third or tertiary is basically the function we are “okay” with and the 4th inferior is what we are self conscious about.

Cognitive Functions:

MBTI Types:

Star Wars:


One of the reasons I am so interested is because there must be a type out of the 16 that gravitate to yoyoing/skill toys. What TYPE do you guys think would be most prevalent in the community? I have a theory as to which types are mostly here but I would rather hear it from the community. What do you guys/girls think you are? Also, no type is better/worse than any other; they’re just different. Any thoughts? Thanks! :smiley:


I took it last year in high school and got ESTP. I’m pretty sure I was the only one as well in a class of about 30-35. Interesting fact: all the cheerleaders In the class got the exact same results, go figure!


Do you think the test was right? I would think there would be lots of ESTPs in the yoyo community. The best way of figuring out which you are is by looking at the cognitive functions and maybe reading a profile to see how much you relate.

And ESTPs cognitive functions would be Se > Ti > Fe > Ni
Extraverted Sensing
I think most people would say the stereotypical cheerleader would be ESFP(Sensor Feeler), maybe ESFJ (Extraverted Feelers). I think it makes sense if you read the definitions above.

wiki says:
ESTPs, or “Promoter Artisans”, are the most adept among the types at influencing other people. Promoting is the art of maneuvering others to one’s position. Concrete in speech and utilitarian in action, they are smooth operators. The ESTP knows everyone who matters and everything there is to do because they are very resourceful, always knowing where the fun and action is. They like to indulge themselves in the finer things in life and to bring other people with them. Their goal in life is to sell themselves and their ideas to others. Dramatic and debonair, they are gifted at earning others’ confidence.

…based on observations of behavior, notable Promoters might include John F. Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt, Madonna and Donald Trump. For more examples, see Notable Promoters.

Other characteristics
Socially sophisticated
Action oriented
Bored easily


i got ISTJ XD i think that =Grinch XD :stuck_out_tongue:


i got INFP ;D dont really know what that means but okay…


That’s awesome. It’s hard to type characters sometimes but I think you are right. I have seen people debate him as INTJ but I haven’t seen the movie in forever. I have seen Eeyore associated with ISTJ too. Maybe that resonates more with females.

I picture most bronies = NFs. I think most are usually big into fantasy and they are good writers. They are pretty rare type. I believe I only know one INFP IRL.
More info: http://www.16personalities.com/infp-strengths-and-weaknesses


I’m an INTJ :slight_smile:

(Ellie) #8

this is all theory btw and not necessarily accurate

i’ve gotten INTJ on multiple instances and ISTJ


Agreed. Such metrics don’t dictate who you are, but are more like foggy mirrors. You see an outline, that’s about it. It’s all about plurality. Besides, something’s up if you needed a test to tell you what kind of person you are :slight_smile:


You mean online personality tests don’t really mean anything? No way!


awesome thank you!

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uh no, i’m talking about jungian psychology in general (which directly relates to the MBTI tests) and how its personality theories aren’t precise

you need to stop posting because all your responses have either been obnoxious or uneducated. stop embarrassing yourself


Preach. I have a great interest in Jung’s theories as well as his philosophical beliefs, but I wonder about him saying that these types don’t change (please correct me if I’m wrong).

That said, I can also somewhat understand Yoyo’s attitude towards this. Lots of people get all crazy about MBTI and other personality models, then get really eager about categorising everything and explaining all sorts of behaviour based on these models. One can easily get fed up and turn to sarcasm just to cope with the ridiculous things one hears.


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The good news is you’ll make a fine barista.


Got ENFP on the test, but I felt every now and then that I was answering what I thought was true about myself rather than what is actually true.

ENFP makes me “the Champion”… funny, though, I LOVE the small details and the analysis implies that I don’t. So that sensation that I wasn’t choosing the right answers to express my true self from time to time might have been a good one to focus on. :wink:

I’m also more of an Introvert than an Extrovert by most other definitions. One of the questions was, “would you rather read a book than go to a party” and I found myself thinking… “if you put a book in my hand and then offered a party with good friends, which would a choose?” and I chose the party simply because I do enjoy those and I never get to go to any anymore. Even though I KNEW it was an “introvert/extrovert” question, I was trying to be honest.

But instead of trusting the quiz, I should have just answered based on the bait. :wink: For example, if the question was, “Choose one: a party every weekend, or enough free time to get good reading done every week” I would choose the latter. So sometimes the phrasing of the questions kinda skewed my actual priorities. Knowing this is more what they were really gunning for, maybe I should have just lied and picked the book!

I self-identify as an introvert who is comfortable in and enjoys social situations in limited quantities. And it’s BECAUSE those quantities are already limited by external forces (raising a family) that I usually choose them when I can. Stay at home for a weekend or go see my New England yoyo friends for beer and yoyos? You bet I’m choosing the latter! Its rarity means I prioritize it when the opportunity comes along, not because I’d “always” rather do that than spend a weekend alone.

Anyhow, all this kind of stuff is super-interesting to me. I did the True Colours once upon a time, too, which is a more limited version of a personality test… mainly useful for team dynamics in the workplace. I was a “blue”, which in the context of the workplace meant simply that I’m a more emotive person who is likely to respond well to regular praise. :wink:


Your first paragraph is the problem with this kind of test, a lot of the questions were too vague as well.

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Tried re-taking the test, and all that changed is that I edged closer to “Introvert”. So I just imagined I was an introvert from the test and looked at the plain-english description. Gotta admit, I feel a bit more affinity with the original result, but some affinity for the new one, too. Split the difference and I guess that’s me.

Most of the other results were “somewhat” more predisposed towards one than the other. I’m pretty much a force for neutral results it seems. :wink:


this is how I did it. i really don’t think about the test results that much. the theory was created before the test. I try and read the profiles/functions and see what resonates with me. It takes quite a bit of research to make sure you haven’t mistyped yourself. If you haven’t read all the functions I don’t think you can say you are sure you are a certain type. if you got 85% on E, S, J (but 1% T/F): read both profiles (for ESFJ, ESTP) and see what fits. kiersy doesn’t always line up with Jungian theory so you must know the functions. Again this is all theory and insert my subjective opinions. I have gotten what i think is my type INTP like 4 times and INTJ/INFJ once each. I know i don’t use Te/Fi, I relate to what is written about introverted thinking / extraverted intuition = INTP.

this is all theory.